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“If you don’t understand the culture of the company, even your most brilliant strategies will fail. Your vision will be resisted, plans won’t get executed properly, and all kinds of things will start going wrong.”engagement_copy.png
Isadore Sharp, Chairman& CEO,

Four Seasons Hotels

The Culture Survey is a means to find out the way your culture is operating and the aspects of culture that need more intentional development to achieve great things. It reveals the strength of your organisation's culture patterns (organisational and leader practices, group norms of behaviour and beliefs) that strongly influence your organisation’s vitality and the success of its strategic direction and goals.

Our group of qualified associates will design, administer and analyse your organisational culture.  Further recommendations will be made to ensure that the survey results are actioned upon.

MHCS believes that ‘one size does NOT fit all’ so if the tools in the tool box described above do not suit the needs of our clients, we custom design what is required to get the answers that they are looking for.

Our mission is to improve organisational effectiveness through a four-step development process, namely organisational assessment, feedback, interventions and follow-up assessment.

The following surveys are available and can be customised to client need:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Climate survey
  • New Employee On-Boarding
  • Exit Interviews

Customised Questionnaires
We can develop a customised questionnaire according to your organisation's specific needs or we can adapt existing questionnaires.


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