Talent Management

Marang Human Capital Solutions will assist your organisation in developing your talent management strategy and instilling a talent leadership culture. We facilitate the conversation to define the ideal talent management system for your organisation, then we help in identifying the gaps and recommend the next steps that include accompanying the leaders to become ‘Talent Leaders’ within your organisation.

Marang Human Capital Solutions has created a framework built on our expertise and experience to fast track your organisation into achieving optimal levels of talent leadership.

Our team co-creates a talent leadership process built on your needs. We provide expertise and training every step of the way.

We believe that this role is no longer solely an HR function; in fact, successful companies hire leaders who have talent leadership skills. Involving the leaders from all functions to participate is crucial to achieving the sustainability of your organisation.

Some of our offerings:

·         Strategic Workforce Planning

·         Succession Planning strategy

·         Talent Identification and assessment

·         Performance Management

·         New Manager Orientation Programme

·         Functional Management Development Programmes


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